Fashion Forward, Function Centric

Innovative Haircare

We've invented the first ever hat with removable and washable silk linings! The smooth linings prevent harsh friction and moisture loss keeping your hair damage free, and the ability to remove them enables you to keep your hat and hair cleaner, longer.

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What's Inside Matters Most

Silk, not satin

All of our hats feature the highest quality SILK linings to help promote, maintain, and protect healthy hair. What makes them better is that the patent pending linings are easily removable and washable to avoid product buildup. Perfect for all hair types and lengths.

LAYD Silk Lining Label

Intentional Design

Sustainably Chic

Our designs are intentionally minimal in ornamentation, yet high in quality. No matter what trends come and go, our hats will sustainably remain a staple in your wardrobe. The perfect essential to compliment all personal styles.

Forward Thinking

We've Raised The Bar

Until Layd, the haircare and fashion industries have been painfully segregated and lacking in inclusivity. Our patent pending innovation seamlessly balances high style and quality to create an unparalleled healthy haircare experience - for everyone!